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Different Styles of Leather Jackets You Should Try

brown leather jacket

It’s very easy to fall in love with leather jackets; they are timeless pieces and last forever. Leather jackets are extremely versatile too and you can put them on for the casual look going right up to the semi-formal appearance, stopping just short of occasions that demand strictly formal attire. Leaving aside a suit, any person should make a leather jacket a mandatory part of his/her wardrobe. There is nothing better than a properly fitted leather jacket to carry your day. However, just like the traditional coat or blazer, leather jackets too are available in a wide range of styles and cuts, some of them made iconic by celebrities and the gum-chewing macho Marlon Brando.

The specific styles of leather jackets depend greatly on the quality of leather, the stitching, the zippers and the animals they are sourced from. Hence, it will be relevant to look at them from these perspectives too. You can get more details of the prevailing trends and cuts from mobile apps of major manufacturers and online stores. Australian producers of leather jackets hire top Melbourne app developers to highlight their products and same is the case in other countries. They will also get a PPC management agency to carry out an optimised online digital marketing campaign so that the latest leather jacket styles in vogue are made known to potential buyers.

Leather is generally sourced from cows and lambs. While jackets made from cow skin is more durable, those of lamb are softer and more expensive. The lower priced jackets are made from corrected leather which is skin that had some flaws and has been treated. The top styled leather jackets have decorative stitching along the edges and pockets and stand out in detail. For lowering costs, designers often used thinner threads for top stitching that do not stand out to that extent in bold.

Now that you know the basics that really add value to the glamour quotient and style of leather jackets, here are some of the more common forms.

Racer Jacket – These are generally preferred by bikers and their minimalistic design details add to comfort levels while riding. The pockets are zippered to store valuables safely and a band collar can be turned up to guard against harsh elements. It is an extremely versatile piece and is suitable for any occasion.

Flight Jacket – Traditionally designed as a pilot’s leather jacket it is cropped around the hips to allow a comfortable sitting position. Large front flap pockets, ribbed cuffs and hems and a placket that covers the zipper for protection against the wind are some of the other unique features.

Fencing Jacket – So named because it resembles the style of jackets that fencers wear, these are distinguished by the asymmetrical placement of zippers, often in a bold S shape running down from top to bottom on both sides. This is the style that fashion kings like Rick Owens and Carol Christian put their signature on.

Rider Jacket – It is an all time classic, more commonly known by its trademarked name of Perfecto and made famous by Marlon Brando in “The Wild One”. These are usually made of high quality full grain leather with variations having two zippers instead of one.

A leather jacket is good for any age or sex. The best part is that your investment will never go out of fashion.

The Journey of Leather Jackets – From Military to Fashion

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets today are iconic fashion symbols, very flexible in portraying different images. Wear one to project a tough guy macho look, preferably on a growling Harley Davidson or to portray an ever-so-cool girl likeness without a care in the world. But while present day style followers might swoon over leather jackets, its origins can be traced back to the tough battlefields of the World War I and the 1900s. From then till modern times this versatile piece of clothing has retained its exclusivity and uniqueness and has never gone out of fashion and been discarded to the back of the closet.

  • First half of 1900s – It all started around the time of the World War I when German fighter bombers and pilots started wearing leather jackets as a protective layer over their uniforms. Around the 1930s, these jackets slowly nudged into the fashion world when Irving Schott, famed raincoat maker designed leather jackets for Harley Davidson bikers and named them “Perfecto”. Unlike aviator jackets that had buttons, these had zips. World War II saw the US army standardizing the famous A-2 jackets with the fur collar and it became almost synonymous with military uniform.
  • Second half of 1900s – Leather jackets gained an edge in the fashion world when Hollywood acknowledged its presence in the 1950s. Remember Marlon Brando in the film The Wild One in 1953 and James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause in 1955? In the 1960s, heart throb Steve McQueen continued this trend. However, the popularity of leather jackets really took on epic proportions around this time when The Beatles made it a regular part of their costume, whether on-stage or in photo shoots.

The 1970s and 1980s with peace, rock and roll and women’s power exponent Germaine Greer holding centre stage, women began to take to leather jackets on a large scale. Leather jackets soon took on a unisex look and female rockers like Joan Jett and Blondie customised them with studs, pins and other metals.

Leather jackets today are no more seen as a style statement for specific occasions like the macho look or to mirror an unfettered female image. It is now accepted in formal and informal situations as well as in the corridors of high fashion. The leather jacket has come a long way and even after a century and a couple of decades later promises to stay in style for another similar period.