About Us

Any blog site devoted exclusively to clothing should be interesting. This is one subject that has never failed to garner attention, not only from the high flying jet set of the fashion world but also of the ordinary man on the street. While people can gawk at celebrities and wish they were wearing the same gorgeous outfits on the red carpet, there are others who focus on power dressing, designed exclusively for behind the scenes board rooms. Clothing is therefore an exclusive affair and a set that looks good on one cannot be assured for another. This is what makes the whole matter of clothing so interesting to us.

While there are literally hundreds of websites and blog sites related to clothing, most are linked to specific genres. It might be men’s or women’s clothing, it might be high fashion or power dressing. But we at www.freaknleather.com strive to bring you all these and more. We go behind the scenes of the trend setters and try to find out the forthcoming launches in the fashion capitals of the world. Our team analyses the latest presentations at shows and predict what will be the trend at different times of the year.

However with a topic as far ranging as clothing, it is very difficult to keep up with the happenings around the world. This is why we seek write-ups and articles from experienced and professional fashion bloggers presenting news, views, information and even trivia from the world of clothing. The topics for the blogs can be anything from this niche.

Here are a few examples to enable bloggers to start off. Different materials for clothing, from cotton to leather and their pros and cons for specific types of clothing can be highlighted. Or clothing from different countries may be a subject of a blog.

Do write in to us and we will inform you by email once the blogs are published on our site.